WatchNET IoT

Customizable Dashboard

WatchNET IoT provides a highly customizable dashboard and can be designed based on customer needs. With this dashboard, the user will be able to have an overview of the whole facility at a glance. The color schemes used will automatically grab the person’s attention whenever there is an alert or warning from a particular device.  The dashboard includes responsive data visualizations and users can customize this to cater to their needs.

Offline Linkage

WatchNET IoT’s powerful offline linkage feature enables the devices to act on critical scenarios even if the gateway is not connected to the internet. Some scenarios are, water valve can be shut off when the water leak is detected, the siren can be activated when the emergency push button is pressed/ fire alarm is activated. WatchNET IoT’s proprietary algorithm is smart that it can handle events remotely even without any assistance.

Powerful Analytics

WatchNET IoT carries an intelligent analytical engine and can provide smart suggestions and warnings for the machinery/ facility it is monitoring.  Such notifications can be used for predictive maintenance thus avoiding surprise breakages and outages. Also, the WatchNET IoT analytical engine has the capability for root cause analysis which can find why a particular event happened at a particular time.**This is possible only if the WatchNET IoT ecosystem is installed in the facility.

Intuitive Reporting

WatchNET IoT generates highly customizable reports based on device groups, time, rooms, individual devices, attributes, alarm events and so on.  With these reports, it is now very easy to trace out an event. Reports from WatchNET IoT can be used for continuous improvement of the facility and also for training purposes. WatchNET IoT reports can be exported to PDF and .xls formats making it even easier for bookkeeping.

Relevant Notifications

WatchNET IoT smart notification generates relevant alerts and sends it to only relevant people. Each alert can be sent to different personals, and each alert message can be customized. WatchNET IoT sents notifications over WatchNET IoT cloud notification, text messages and email. WatchNET IoT is integrating Whatsapp message and phone calls too to the notification services. With the two-way notification system, if a particular alert is not acknowledged by the personal it elevates to the manager and continuos till it gets acknowledgment.