Major water leakage detection systems – how it works?

Every year, 8.1% of home experience a plumbing leak, leading to a combined cost of $10 million dollars claimed in insurance, due to the lack of major water leakage detection. 10,0000 gallons of water is lost due to these leaks, which can all be saved by implementing simple IoT trends in the plumbing system. Many IoT solutions company are striving to control the damage water can cause, many of which are difficult to predict – burst in a water tank, pin hole leaks, an under-sink leak or a frozen pipe.

Water damage is an avoidable calamity and water leakage detection solutions offer real time solutions. Water leakages is a part of the business cost and with freshwater being a invaluable asset, any minor leakage requires immediate attention. IoT trends in leak detection meticulously monitor the water flow and shuts off the value cutting water supply, upon the slightest detection of leak. This ensures preemptive action to conserve water and your hard-earned money!

What is this leakage detection system? Many IoT solution companies have come up with ingenious solutions to detect and arrest water leaks. A leak detection system monitors the water flow through a pipe. Installed at the water’s entry point into a home, a valve in the detection system cuts off water supply at the slightest hint of a leak. A minor blockage due to toilet paper blockage, a crack in the pipe to a tap eft open for too long – the leakage detection system will immediately recognize the increase in water usage and shut the supply of water. IoT sensors and devices continuously monitor and track the water flow to take immediate action.

Is it necessary to install a leak detection system? Leaks are common to any house and account for the most expensive costs. Over time accumulated water wastage results in gallons of water being wasted. Mold, another serious damage to a house, is a result of leakages. While mold not only rusts the house, it can cause health issues too. Installing IoT solutions to detect the leaks early can ensure early detection and proactive maintenance.

So, once installed, what can one expect from the leak detection system? Installing the IoT devices is pretty simple. Once installed, water through the pipes is monitored through either a mechanical turbine or ultrasonic wavelengths. Leak detectors monitor the amount of water flow at all times and in addition monitor for moisture. Sensors like WLRC-D15 is a water detection device with stainless steel electrodes to quickly detect water on leakage. This helps prevent serious water damage to the property. WLRI-V11 is a wireless LoRa valve keeper to shut off the valve in case of an emergency water leak. Built-in smart linkage function on gateway enables automated shut off in online or offline mode on all these devices.

One other advantages of the leak detectors is the wi-fi connectivity, which aid in monitoring your water usage and leakage in real-time. Special apps send notifications and intimate of any deviation to provide an insight at all times. The data thus saved can be analyzed to observe and manage water consumption and reduce unnecessary usage. With umpteen advantages and easy usability, it is not wrong to say that leak detection solutions are a mandatory feature for any house.

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