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Integrated Wireless IoT Controller with Antenna & HTTPS

This intelligent smart gateway is the core of the entire wireless smart IoT system, a Multi-technology combination of Cloud, WiFi, LoRa, LAN, and 4 G connectivity can be used in a wide variety of applications. External antenna enhances the range, and HTTPS secure connection enables this product to be used in any network that requires high-security IoS and Android APP are now available to add devices easily to the gateway and create linkage for automation.


• Smart functions and control
• External suction cup antenna
• Support LoRa wireless network
• Increased interference immunity
• Encrypt-RF™ Security
• Support Gateway mode
• Two RJ-45
• LoRaWAN™ Technology
• Connects up to 100 wireless devices
• Optional HTTPS connectivity


• Commercial/Residential monitoring
• Condominium and apartment buildings
• Frenchize stores and multi-location installation
• Golf courses and open field areas
• Smart logistics
• Smart meter reading
• Smart transportation
• Multi-site management and notification



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