Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO)


WLRC-IDCO is an Investigative Device used for monitoring presences of carbon monoxide at any inclosed area. This device can detect carbon monoxide and send data to our cloud platform for investigative purpose and notification.


• Super Long Range Signal Penetration
• 3 years plus Battery Life*
• Easy Installation
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
• Improved interference immunity
• Encrypt-RF™ Security
(Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC
for sensor data messages)
• Over-the-air updates
• Interactive WatchNET IoT platform with dashboard,
search and notification settings


• Carbon Monoxide Detection device for
Commercial building, offices, stair walls,
server rooms, school and hotel applications


1. WLRC-IDCO device is not to substitute for
smoke detection mandated by local and
government regulations/building code
2. WLRC-IDCO is to be used as investigative
device for information purposes ONLY
3. WLRC-IDCO is not a life safety device



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