Wireless Water Leak Detection and Location Sensor


WLRI-S46 is a water leak detector sensor that can pin point the location where the water touched the rope. Mostly when installed under elevated flooring and building risers it’s useful to know the location of water and take action to limit the damage. The Location data is sent to the gateway and alerts are given.


• Super Long Range Signal Penetration
• 5 years plus Battery Life*
• Easy Installation
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
• Improved interference immunity
• Encrypt-RF™ Security
(Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC for
sensor data messages)
• Over-the-air updates
• Interactive WatchNET IoT platform with dashboard,
search and notification settings
* Magnetized ABS enclosure for easy installation


• Server rooms
• Under raised flooring
• Tunnels
• Apartment water pipe raisers



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