Wireless Bottom-installed Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

WLRC-S43U is a new innovative Ultrasonic liquid level meter, which is mounted at the bottom of the tank without any need for alteration or drilling holes for installation. This is an ideal sensor for measuring pure liquids, such as clean water, oil, diesel, gasoline, and liquefied gas, etc. in small, medium, and large capacity tanks. Long-range wireless communication makes this
device easy to install outdoors and make operational at record time.


• Bottom mounted, easy to install and configure
• Safety, no broken and drilling on the container
• Magnetically fitted bracket for connecting to metal tanks
• Narrow beam angle and short blind zone optimized
for both large and small tanks


• Tank levels
• Diesel fuel gauging
• Liquid assets inventory
• High or low-level alarms
• Process batch monitoring
• Remote monitoring
• Input to telemetry systems
• Irrigation control



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