Smart IOT Trends in Dubai

Connected things are estimated to reach $20.4 billion in 2020. And it is expected to grow exponentially from there on. IoT trends are gearing up to influence the world to drive growth and innovation. With IoT automation ready to take over the world and make lives easier, how can a city like Dubai stay behind. Dubai – one of the fastest growing city in the world, has amazing architecture and one of the tourist hotspots of the world, is not only developed, but also is one of the most innovative cities. Dubai is now considered a trailblazer in implementing the IoT trends and thereby transforming into “Smart IoT Dubai”. With an automated system, Dubai is introducing a new era of digital wealth.

With IoT automation at the pinnacle of Dubai’s growth, here is how Smart IoT Dubai has managed to achieve this
feat in such a short span of time:

Transportation – With Dubai's autonomous strategy to automate transportation by 2030, WatchNet IoT devices and sensors fitted into the vehicles help optimize routes, reduce traffic and enhance safety. WatchNet Solutions promise to make transportation more smarter and successful. Dynamic road side message signs to display real-time road status to estimate travel time, autonomous vehicles to sense environment and predict behaviour, and smart devices to monitor vehicles for predictive maintenance is just the tip of the ice berg.

Energy and Utilities – With WatchNet IoT trends, various insights into this field can help manage peak energy demands and provide for proactive measures to enhance efficiency and minimize errors. By implementing smart metres and grids and analyzing data from these devices, data driven decisions to boost productivity and provide an innovative user experience become an easy task.

Healthcare – One of the most critical industry – an industry which has to run continuously is the medical industry! Smart IoT Dubai has leveraged this and implemented IoT trends into the healthcare industry. With connected healthcare, patient experience with hospitals becomes better and easier. With smart devices and wearables, it is now possible to collect and collate digital patient records, easy access to patient medical files and predict patient health for proactive care and treatment.

Security – A well planned city like Dubai is already well managed. With WatchNet IoT sensors fitted into the traffic signals and public areas enable teh government to track traffic and any mis-happenings and react immediately. These sensors/cameras connected to a central system ensure real time video monitoring, thereby ensuring safety to the public.

Smart Buildings – An architectural hub, Dubai is a smart city for a reason. Dubai has adapted to the culture of
smart buildings which use IoT devices to maintain and monitor the infrastructure, save energy by using smart
lighting and energy efficient systems, and save costs by connecting cooling systems to dissipate heat.

With so many advantages and cost effective measures, Dubai has exploited the benefits of IoT to lay the foundation for
a smarter, futuristic city!