Data Centre

A data center covers the network’s most critical system and prime functioning. Every business and organization needed a reliable facility for IT infrastructure.

WatchNET IoT Sensors are easy to install to do monitoring and control of the environment easily scalable with addons as needed for expansion.

The precise location of a water leak under the raised floor can be easily detected along with the other key metrics. And air conditioning control, Switch monitoring, UPS status, Vibration. Temperature humidity all are displayed on the Dashboard.

Measurable Key Metrics

Few of the metrics that WatchNET IoT can monitor and analyze in Data Centres are: 



Humidity of the data center:

Temperature of the data center at different points:

Door open close monitor for server rack doors and entry door:

Water Leak Sensors in the whole data center with water leak area detection under raised floor:

UPS monitoring IN/OUT AC current single phase or three phase:

Server and switches power monitoring and remote restart:

Vibration sensor for server racks:

Split air conditioner temperature control and remote cycling between operating and standby:

Other special application devices Audio visual alert, occupancy sensor , power meter with remote on/off:

WatchNET Server room solution

WatchNET IoT Server room monitoring solution is quick and easy to install. Wireless LoRa technology that will not interfere with the computer equipment and will avoid accidents buy installers struggling with bundles of wire. Easy setup of limits on our platform for quick notification of your choice when there are changes in the environment or malfunction of equipment. Well laid out customized dashboard displays and reports.