GYM Solution

When you first venture into a gym and you want to use a cardio machine like the treadmill, we always choose the closest one coming out of the change room. There are many similar cardio machines that are chosen the same way. This puts strain on some equipment that can result in extensive wear and tear that result in frequent repair.

Installing WatchNET power monitor on this equipment’s can give valuable information about the equipment usage like

1. How often the equipment is used per day,
2. How much power it is consuming (Over the recommended power consumption indicate the motor may need maintenance).
3. What mode the equipment was used (Walking, Running, Cardio program).
4. Integrate with members website or app to alert members of peak use hours.
5. Intelligent logic to automatically turn off the most used equipment at off peak  hours for extended life cycle.

Gym Environmental monitoring

Gym is a place where members come to exercise to keep fit and maintain good health. Providing a good healthy monitored environment matters to every gym. WatchNET IoT have multiple sensor devices to monitor multiple metrics.


Temperature and
Humidity monitoring


Co2 (Carbon dioxide)


Air quality monitoring
Pm 2.5

Swimming pool monitoring

Automated monitoring of swimming pool equipment’s is important to keep good water quality and heathy swimming environment.

1. PH level of water
2. Water temperature
3. Water leak detection
4. Pool pump motor monitoring
5. Pool occupancy detection
6. Indoor temperature and humidity

Access Control with
Temperature Check

Automated access control using state of the art facial recognition device with built in temperature check can grand access to members and stop members with elevated body temperature. This access control can system be integrated to the cooperate member database for easy monthly subscription control and management. All facial data is digitized and stored locally on device ensuring full privacy of members.

The DT model features an infrared temperature sensor that can detect body temperature within one meter (3 Ft) of proximity.
Access can be denied even the credential is valid but the person exceeded the temperature threshold

Measurable Key Metrics

Few of the metrics that WatchNET IoT can monitor your GYM equipment and more



Monitors temperature and Humidity of low Temp values

Temperature of the room

Wireless Remote Control & Automation

Monitors CO2 Emission & Air purity

pH level and water temperature sensor

Benefits of Using WatchNET offerings

By using our products, you can boost the productivity of your restaurant as ensuring the proper work can have a positive impact on the revenue of the business. Our products also assist in determining the environmental problems, which is why a healthy and hygienic environment is built up. You can set daily targets and control the equipment through remote control. Our products have the capacity to recognize the problems resulting in efficient troubleshooting.