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Wireless Data Center Monitoring Solution

WatchNET IoT alerts you if one of your critical equipment is down because major outages & data interruptions are expensive. Data centers have become an indispensable part of modern computing infrastructures; housing business-critical applications and information.

Hence maintaining the data center is highly challening & to ensure smooth functioning all the time. Wireless IoT sensors (loRa) and connectivity are being used to ensure optimal performance of critical data center equipment to maximize uptime, increase energy efficiency, lower operating costs and above all else, protect the physical servers & networking equipment. Here are few critical IoT applications for data center infrastructure management.

  1. Temperature & Humidity for server racks
  2. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  3. Water Leak Detection for raised floor
  4. Remote Power Monitoring
  5. Security & Access for secured areas
  6. UPS Monitoring IN/OUT current
  7. Server / Switches power monitoring
  8. Vibration Sensor for server racks
  9. Wireless IR Blaster / Siren
  10. Light Sensors
    • Occupancy / Motion Sensor
    • Indoor Air Quality & MORE…


With over 100+ wireless sensors; WatchNET IoT solution bestow optimum performance and provide best environment for Server Rooms, Data Closets, and Data Centers

in Data Center Monitoring

  • Reduce Energy Consumption: Wireless IoT helps in monitor & reduces energy consumption. This translates into significant financial savings, as well as much more efficient & effective approach to meeting green goals.
  • Improve Data Center Efficiency: Smart technology identifies overused and underused areas in the building, providing the opportunity to optimize space utilization which can save money and facilitate growth.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Detect device performance & activate maintenance procedures before an alert is triggered with strong insight. It’s easier to implement maintenance at the right time.
  • Increase Productivity: Data Centers are designed to deliver a more comfortable experience for servers & equipment. They help ensure making systems more productive as a result.
  • Better Use of Resources: The data generated by a smart building provides key insight that can be fed into planning and use of resources. Meaning no more guesswork when it comes to resource management.


of Monitoring Data Center
using IoT

after Installing IoT Sensors

WatchNET IoT is a leading data centre solution that provides flexible and scalable solutions for real-time monitoring of data and strategic operations of data centres. Data Centre Solutions help optimize data flow, storage of data and data analysis for further research. At WatchNET IoT, we provide data centre automation. Our innovative solutions help data centers use energy efficiently, thereby reducing carbon footprint and making the entire framework sustainable.

Secure Data Storage using IoT

With the tremendous amount of data generated in this technological age, data storage has become a huge concern. With WatchNET IoT sensors, focus is on efficiency and high performing storage systems where the data is stored on the cloud. The cloud platforms infuse the system with complex firewalls and encryptions to allow multi-level access control, thereby ensuring data safety. This makes IoT solutions used in data centres secure and provides a reliable platform.

IoT Network Requirements

Data Centre Solutions provide leverage for a large inflow of data. IoT solutions provide for increased inbound bandwidth to increase the data storage capabilities. Automated data centre management – IoT for data centres provides data centre automation. The otherwise routine tasks such as monitoring, scheduling, configuration and so on can now be managed remotely, making the data centres more flexible.

Adaptable Data Centres

Data Centre Solutions are becoming more adaptable to the changing business needs. A hands-on approach towards managing servers is now the norm, passing on the flexibility to the client as well. Customers may now check their data on the server, review maintenance and remotely monitor.

IoT for Environmental & Economical Sustainability

With WatchNET devices and innovations such as AI-powered data centres and IoT managed data centres, energy consumption is reduced leading to cost-effectiveness and an efficient model.

WatchNET Server Room Solution

At WatchNET, an IoT Server room monitoring solution is quick and easy to install. Wireless LoRa technology will not interfere with the existing computer equipment and will avoid accidents caused due to installers struggling with bundles of wire. Easy set-up of limits on our platform for quick notification – type could be of your choice as soon as there are changes in the environment or malfunction of the equipment. It is well laid out with customized dashboard displays and reports.

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