Smart Hospital Management

IoT Solutions for Smart Hospital & Health Care

Several healthcare organizations have already adopted IoT devices in their facilities to make it a SMART HOSPITAL. IoT technology is being installed in everything from X-Rays, Laboratories and Blood Banks to Patient Rooms, and it is making healthcare facilities smarter.

The futuristic approach is inevitable in hospitals as in the future healthcare will look & operate very differently than they do now, and it will be the same for patients and healthcare professionals.

Some of the ways IoT transforming the healthcare industry with sensors & devices to monitor Temperature/Humidity, Air Quality (CO2), Fire/Smoke Detection, Power Consumption, Water Leak Detection, Emergency Call Button, Occupancy Monitoring, Personal Tracking, Static & Dynamic Asset tracking, Lighting Control, Siren Early Warning System & Smart Curtain Open/Close etc….

1) Temperature & Humidity
2) Bed/Chair Sensor
3) Occupancy Sensor

4) Emergency Push Button
5) Power Monitoring
6) Water Leak/Level Detection
7) Open/Close window or doors
8) Lighting
9) Indoor Air Quality & MORE

in Monitoring Smart Hospital & Health Care

BENEFITS of Monitoring Smart Hospital & Health Care

after Installing IoT Sensors

Although senior citizens are being taken care, but it is very important that their children should be well informed about the health stature & environment such as

Benefits of Using WatchNET IoT

WatchNET IoT platform is based on wireless LoRa Technology that gives exceptional, long-range connectivity. This new technology will reduce installation time by avoiding expensive wiring costs. Because all devices are wireless, they can be moved around to accommodate the configuration changes in a growing pattern from time to time.

Long battery life ensures a worry-free performance for up to FIVE YEARS.

Smart gateway controllers are connected to the platform which can send out visual alerts that are customizable. An interactive and customized dashboard display gives up to the minute environmental information of the facility and the type of notification could be of your choice.


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