Smart Parking Management

Wireless Surface-Mounted Parking Sensor

This smart parking vehicle detection sensor can be used to detect if a vehicle is parked in the parking spot. It uses the wireless communication module to add vehicle status information to the gateway, and displays the collected data in the gateway.

This device uses a geomagnetic sensor and radar sensor for simultaneous detection. When the car is parked/placed on the geomagnetic surface, it measures the geomagnetic intensity to judge the existence of the vehicle and the radar senses the car parked above the device.

Benefits of Smart Parking (IoT)

Organize your parking space in minutes, effectively utilize the parking space, quickly allocate space, clean flow & reduced traffic, track occupancy, automated & systematic parking, minimize human error & maximize results, increase customer’s parking experience

Revenue generating, eradicating illegal parking collection, supports iOS & Android applications

*Booking space in advance, allot parking area on a long-term basis (weekly/monthly/annually), allocate guest parking by parking space owner/s*

*API available to integrate with 3rd party parking management software