The growing impact of automating the world

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century brought to light thins unseen before – steam-powered engines were a wonder and the transition of manufacturing processes was considered a massive step forward for humankind. Over the decades, we have advanced as a society, and the numerous inventions made have rendered us speechless. Today, one such advent of technology is taking us by surprise and is one of its kind – the Internet of Things (IoT). In a short span, IoT has taken over our lives and devices and is on the verge of automating the way of life!

With the rise of IoT, the whole world is connected. Smart sensors are connected to all our devices, ranging from transportation, industries, utilities, to our household items like air conditioners, refrigerators and ovens.  As per a survey, it is estimated that 40% of the data collected in the coming years, will be from such smart devices.  With so much of automation happening around us, it is only prudent to weigh the pro and cons and take an informed decision on what you want to automate and what not to! Either you like it or not a fan of it, automation is here to stay, and here are a few ways automation is going to create a better world for us and the future generations:

  • Smart products give to rise to smart companies – As predicted, there are about 20.8 billion smart devices and it is only growing year on year. So that amount of data being recorded, companies want to utilize the information and tap into the additional revenue streams by automating and operating as IoT service providers. Numerous startups, backed by big companies are on the rise as the smart devices continue to increase. This, not only provides better job opportunities, but also leads to better inventions.
  • Smart cities with smarter technologyGovernments of various countries have started adopting IoT in their daily life. Smart sensors are integrated into their existing infrastructure and new ones are being built to accommodate the new technology. Sensors, thus built in, help measure traffic, pollution, noise and unwarranted activities are monitored continuously. This ensures a good quality of life for the citizens and hassle free governance for the government.
  • Smarter and safer health care – With smarter technology comes the leverage to build a smarter healthcare system. Wearables and smart devices help track a person’s health continuously and provide for proactive care and attention. Alerts and triggers from these devices help caution about an impending health condition and helps taken action well in time. The records from these devices can also be stored for easy access and review.
  • Smart homes for a smarter you – One of the most sought after sector in the IoT enabled devices are the retail consumer products – Wearables, autonomous cars and smart home appliances! Smart homes feature a range of products connected to each other, which can be remotely monitored and controlled. These devices can also be controlled to adjust to your preferences and requirements!

IoT is still progressing and has a long way to go! It will help solve problems and improve the quality of life, however it is also important for the users to be prudent and not misuse the technology!

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