Top ten popular IoT devices 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a booming technology that has taken the world by surprise with the power of connectivity that enables data sharing within the connected networks – which helps with major business / organizational process / decisions.

IoT Devices: How do they work? Do you know of any devices we use daily that are IoT based? It is only but natural to be overwhelmed at such technology. At the forefront, IoT sensors collect and transmit data to the cloud, where the data is thoroughly analysed. Finally, an output is sent to the user. IoT devices are all around you! You will be taken aback at the number of devices you use which run on the Internet of Things!

IoT is all set to become a multi-trillion industry in the coming years. With such industry standards, it is not surprising to expect new trends in IoT with every passing year in both the office and home environment. Here are the top ten popular IoT devices of 2020 (not in any specific order)!

  1. Amazon Echo – Known to even a new-born, this is one of the most celebrated IoT device by Amazon. As we are all aware, it dispenses 360-degree audio and comes with temperature control and a smartphone hub. You can ask Alexa to do anything – from playing music, to setting an alarm, to manage your to-do-list.

  1. IoT robot – A robot designed specifically to interact with your family, play your favourite music and capture recordings and clips. It is sized just right and is portable – and is just like family!

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat – This one is for you, if you need someone to adjust the thermostat as per your routine. Let it settle for a week and be prepared to be pampered. This one of a kind IoT device also shows the energy you save.

  1. Smart Things Hub – Why take the trouble of having separate controls for your home automation devices, when you can control all your settings with the Samsung SmartThings Hub. One of the best innovations in IoT sensors, this device can remotely monitor and control the connected devices.


  1. Orbi Wi-Fi System – This is an IoT trend setter – Wi-Fi issues are no longer a problem to any organization now! With the Orbi system, range related issues are all solved, and this also offers connectivity with Alexa as well as Google Assistant.


  1. Smart Petfeeder – Petnet, an automated pet feeder ensures your pet is cared for and fed the best food even while you aren’t at home. Wow!!! Is there any domain IoT has not contributed to!


  1. Hue Bulb System – Mood based lighting with just the utter of a word! Set the ambiance for a comfortable home!


  1. Smoke Alarm – Nest smoke alarms aren’t your usual smoke alarms – this IoT device sends an alert to your phone and prevents accidents. It also points the exact location of danger and also lights up the evacuation path.


  1. Air Pollution Monitor – The most needed device of today, ‘Flow’ allows you to decide the composition of air and tracks the quality of air around you. And that is not even the best part – it is portable and can display the results on your mobile!


  1. Smart Lock – The biggest hassle of carrying (and losing!) keys everywhere is reduced with this smart lock. Simply set a pin or a pattern and unlock from anywhere with your mobile phone.


With these advances, industries and consumers will witness great difference in their lives. IoT solutions are not only providing us with intuitive devices, but is also making the future look bright and comfortable.

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