Vacant Property Monitoring

Vacant Property Monitoring using IoT

Monitoring Vacant Properties & Multi-location Portfolios 

Facility management companies encounter common challenges as the are spread across different regions or remotely. Inopportunely, they are relying on the workforce, which results in significant blind spots that negatively impact the assets in the property because a very limited oversight into a building’s functionality and safety, properties may be more susceptible to loss or damage.

In contrast to other industries, facility management companies have been slow to embrace wireless IoT technology in the last few years.

All the key obstacles can be eliminated by installing wireless monitoring solution such as achieving perfect temperature, humidity, duct temperature, internal air quality, water leak, controlling valves, incongruous  motor vibration, intrusion, air/gas detection, lighting, and energy monitoring,  which results enhanced tenant experience & retainment.

The wireless IoT monitoring eases the facility managers to take prompt action and resolve possible concerns before they become much larger and more expensive.

Embracing Smart IoT Technology to manage your property from any place.

Many commercial real estate owners & property managers have adapted to a new reality.

Property owners may experience vacant buildings & possible reduction or absence of onsite maintenance staff and limited oversight into a building’s functionality and safety, properties may be more susceptible to loss or damage.

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BENEFITS of Monitoring Vacant Property using IoT Sensors

after Installing IoT Sensors

Benefits of Using WatchNET IoT

WatchNET IoT platform is based on wireless LoRa Technology that gives exceptional, long-range connectivity. This new technology will reduce installation time by avoiding expensive wiring costs. Because all devices are wireless, they can be moved around to accommodate the configuration changes in a growing pattern from time to time.

Long battery life ensures a worry-free performance for up to FIVE YEARS.

Smart gateway controllers are connected to the platform which can send out visual alerts that are customizable. An interactive and customized dashboard display gives up to the minute environmental information of the facility and the type of notification could be of your choice.


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