Why LoRa matters in IoT

With Internet of Things bringing technology into everything around us and industries investing heavily in IoT, the market is growing exponentially. The number of devices connected by IoT is expected to reach 25 billion by this year! The most crucial aspect of connecting devices is ensuring that these devices are able to communicate with the internet and how the traffic is handled. Though IoT uses state of the art technologies, these are neither ideal nor sufficient for the power requirements of today!

 What is LoRa? LoRa – short for Long Range – is a wireless protocol for long range and low power communication. This latest technology will enable stable communication of devices connected to the same network. This LoRa is the solution to meeting the demand of the numerous network connection estimated to be around 27 billion in the next five years! Here are a few application of LoRa in IoT which will blow your mind:

  1. Supply chain management – One of the most remotely connected devices away from each other is transport. Fleet tracking is always a herculean task. Embedded IoT sensors in the fleet vehicles track each movement and help make informed economical decisions. The data from the sensors enable fuel management, efficient route planning and proactive maintenance and repair schedules. The goods are also monitored and in turn the environmental conditions for refrigerated goods are monitored. This not only saves cost, but also provides real-time tracking of the goods’ geographical position.

  1. Agriculture Field – Sensors used in the field of agriculture help track the soil moisture content and irrigation zones for easy accessibility. The LoRa transceiver sends a message to a LoRa gateway, which can handle up to 1000 sensors. By implementing IoT, farmers can optimize the use of water and maintain good yield.

  1. Smart Homes – Water, light, temperature, humidity, moisture content – Phew! Did we even know we had to manage all this at home? With LoRa, smart home applications can be integrated with air conditioners, thermostats, locks and other energy sockets. All these can be remotely controlled using a mobile phone. Tracking these in real-time helps you optimize the usage of resources thereby making a good economic sense.

LoRa has applications in all fields where IoT is applicable. With the changing world, we have to embrace newer technologies and it is clear that LoRa has a big role to play in the IoT market. Interconnecting devices and places with no range restrictions is indeed the future!

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