Wireless Smart Building Automation (IoT)

A smart building helps you monitor, manage, maintain and support the systems inside your workplace.

Facility / Property Managers can implement IoT-based smart building automation and embrace LoRa technology which will help maximize efficiency and reduce costs, with minimal infrastructure and maintenance investment.

Commercial Real Estate companies benefit from solutions that leverage LoRa devices with the LoRaWAN® protocols which are deployed effortlessly and help take advantage of long-range & low-power solutions.

Smart Building Automation (IoT) is powered by LoRa devices. Real Estate businesses are able to equip properties with services that reduce maintenance and operating costs while creating value for the inhabitants who live on the property, and it is a potential revenue stream for the provided services.

Benefits of Wireless Smart Building Automation (IoT)

Reduce Energy Consumption: Smart IoT reduces building energy consumption. This translates into significant financial savings as well as much more efficient and effective approach to meeting green goals.

Improve Building Efficiency: Smart technology identifies overused and underused areas in the building, providing the opportunity to optimize space utilization which can save money and facilitate growth.

Predictive Maintenance: Detect building performance and activate maintenance procedures before an alert is triggered with strong insight on how the building is operating. It is easier to implement maintenance at the right time.

Increase Productivity: Smart buildings are designed to deliver more comfortable experience for occupants. They help ensure health and safety considerations are met, and as a result make people more productive.

Better Use of Resources: The data generated by a smart building provides key insight that can be fed into the planning and the use of resources. This means that there is no more guesswork when it comes to resource management.